Happy New Year & A New Year Gift From Us At CambaBooks

Happy New Year!FromCambaBooks

2017 is here!


We thank God for a new year and for His manifold blessings. For me, 2016 was like a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs and as the year drew to a close, I tried to summon up the courage to trust God for a better year. Let’s embrace 2017 with a fresh attitude and with faith. Let’s develop a passion and a drive that will help us accomplish goals and targets in 2017.
To excel and soar in 2017, we need to develop the right attitudes to face challenges.

I will be posting a few things on attitude on the blog in 2017 (so help me God) and I invite you to join me as we encourage one another to soar!

We are giving out our free short story A doctor’s oath and a daughter’s pain as our new year gift to you. Please Click on the link below to download.

A Doctor’s Oath & a Daughter’s Pain

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