Staying strong

Hello friends,

It is early days in 2018 and the year seems to be in fast forward mode (at least from my little viewpoint). Events that one did not anticipate may have happened and derailed us from our writing goals. We may have been shell shocked by grief, loss, or discouragement and we cannot seem to get out of that state and create things. I have been there. In fact, I am still a work in progress. However, if we can stir up our faith and encourage our selves, and take many small, albeit unsteady, steps in the direction of achieving our goals and targets, we will make progress.

I am happy about the new CambaBooks Website! Yay!! Had been in the pipeline for way too long! When I committed to forging ahead and getting it done, it came through. Here is hoping for more ‘pipeline things’ to manifest. Not just in my life, but in yours too! Greatness is in You. The key to unlock it is within you. Search for it, dig for it, uncover it, use it and Let’s SOAR!

Your friend, Camba

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