Praise for Beyond the Trial

Chigozie Mbadugha has woven three stories, each featuring a different African woman dealing with challenges, into a consistent narrative. The stories are uplifting,
highlighting the resilience and character of the women. The women face their obstacles with courage and show their strength. The characters and their challenges are
different, but each woman is well-defined and rises to the occasion in her own way. The book highlights a culture that is probably foreign to many readers. It's good to
read something that exposes you to a different part of the world, and to stories you may have otherwise missed. Beyond the Trial is such a book. I think the first story
(featuring the character Funke) is the most satisfying. Each starts a little slowly but tests the women through the hardships they encounter. The journeys are arduous but
the readers will find them, and this book, rewarding.

—Tom Fowler (Author of Rick & Morty Series, The Confessional & The Latson Disappearance)

Three Nigerian women, Funke, Nkechi, and Ada, face difficult lives and choices. Watch how they develop grit, character, and courage; yet all the while maintain a gentle
dignity. These three inspire and uplift. I thoroughly enjoyed Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha’s short story collection Beyond the Trial. The author is a master storyteller and
skillfully depicts an exotic, tropical world with a culture so different from what most of us experience. Her words convey sounds and colors. These also paint vivid
characters and communicate strong feeling. This is a book to be shared with young and old alike.

— Molly Dean ( Author, The Twilight Garden & The Star Catcher)

In Beyond the Trial, by Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha, we meet three strong female heroines from Nigeria. Each story features a heroine in: Erased Reproach, Rude
Awakening, and Shadows from the Past. These women face challenges such as unwanted pregnancy, early widowhood, domestic abuse, and rejection. The three strong
women each rise above their trials and tribulations to do the best for their children. Chigozie's fantastic writing paints vivid pictures, transporting you to the marketplace in
Nigeria. I really loved the development of the characters. I felt as if I was in the marketplace where Funke meets her destiny. I highly recommend this fast-paced, page
turning tale. I couldn't put Beyond the Trial down.

— Terri Talley Venters (Author, Elements Of Mystery Series)

Mbadugha’s collection of three stories introduced me to a fascinating culture totally unfamiliar to my own, yet emphasized that there are some challenges universal to
women everywhere. Her characters are interesting and well defined. They meet their individual obstacles with courage and dignity.  I enjoyed this collection by Mbadugha
and recommend it as a good read.

— Leta McCurry (Author, High Cotton Country, A Shadow Life & Dancing to the Silence)

I read the first story and loved it. It is very high quality and most importantly, I was motivated and inspired going through it. It so obviously comes from a great heart
filled with blessings for others. I could see it forming a very lovely movie actually that I wouldn't mind watching. I would definitely recommend the book.

— Myne Whitman (Author of Best Selling Romance Novels, A Heart to Mend & A Love Rekindled)

Beyond The Trial is truly an inspirational masterpiece. So enriching that anyone experiencing any, if not all the situations painted herein, already has weapons – strength
of character, resilience and determination, to turn his or her ugly stories into testimonies.                          

—  Prisca Sam-Duru (Vanguard News)

Beyond The Trial is an interesting book that educates on virtue, strength, patience, forgiveness, determination and culture. I couldn’t put it down till I finished it.
— Femi Gabriel (Channels TV)

Beyond The Trial establishes a strong connection with her readers in various ways: every reader will find a connection with the stories because of past or present
experiences. From our struggles for identity to the kind of friends, family, upbringing, society, parenting, culture, and personal idiosyncrasies we have, Beyond the Trial
has a glimpse of all.

— Ogochukwu Okonne (Vog & Wod Bookshop, Lagos Nigeria)

Score sheet from 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards: Structure, Organization, and Pacing: 4,  Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: 5,
Production Quality and Cover Design: 4,  Plot and Story Appeal: 4, Character Appeal and Development: 4,  Voice and Writing Style: 4

— Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

The stories in Beyond The Trial are about suffering and injustice, but more importantly, they are stories about triumph. This book is peppered with so much good advice at
the turn of every page, and it will make many a woman (or man) wiser to have read it.

Efioanwan “Fifi” Edem (New Books Nigeria)

Beyond the Trial highlights true life experiences of women meted out by men, especially in typical African settings. It is a must-read for every lady.
Dr. (Mrs) Hope Iloka (Lagos, Nigeria)
About the Book

Beyond the Trial is a collection of three short stories. The first story, Erased
Reproach, is the story of young love and ruthless heartbreak. Funke, a teenager
at the beginning of the story, gives in to peer pressure and ends up with an
unwanted pregnancy which leads her into forced exile from her childhood
home. In Rude Awakening, Nkechi's eutopic word is brought to a rude halt
when her husband of eleven years dies suddenly in a car accident. She must
face a chequered future alone with three sons. A family's past is hunting its
members in Shadows From the Past and it is Ada's responsibility to lead her
entire family out of darkness and into the light. A long-postponed visit home
opens a can of worms about the past and provides the opportunity to deal with
it and put it well behind them all. Beyond the Trial is a collection of three short
stories about three women who choose to see life beyond their trials and dared
to reach for it.
About the Author

Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha is a multitalented young woman with a
natural flair for the arts. She wrote her first unpublished novel at the
age of six and has been writing poems, scripts, short stories, and songs
since then, which were mainly for leisure. One of her poems, The New
Yam Festival, won second prize in a nationwide poetry competition in
1983. She was the recipient of the silver prize at the Kanagawa World
Biennial Children's Art Competition in Japan in 1987. By profession,
Chigozie is an ophthalmic surgeon and an avid researcher. She draws
inspiration from God and from the love of her family. She lives in
Nigeria with her family. This book, Beyond the Trial, is her first
published work.

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*Beyond the Trial is available on OkadaBooks as three novellas
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