Here It Comes by
Oluwatoniloba of The
The novel Beyond the Trial is a very inspirational novel containing
three different stories of three different women and their trials and
how they overcame. Each story has its own title.

This story is about a young maiden Funke who following in the
footsteps of friends made a mistake that she regretted. This young
maiden was set to marry but could not because her mistake stood as
a stumbling block. . . .
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An Excerpt From
'Shadows From the
Past' on African
The piece below is an excerpt from ‘Shadows from the Past,’ one of
the three stories in Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha’s Beyond the Trial.

I dashed out of the house before Mother could talk me out of it.
Uncle Morris’ house was still within walking distance from ours. I
got to the house in record time as I half ran, and half walked to the
place. I could hardly wait to bare my mind to my aunt. His house
was just the way I remembered it. . . .
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Beyond the Trial: A
Book For Every Library
and Bookstore
by Kate
Ekanem for
Beyond the Trial is a collection of three short fictions. The three
stories follow the lives of three African women who faced various
challenges but were determined to excel.

The first story ‘Erased Reproach’ held me in suspense. I was terribly
disturbed when a young school girl – Funke Ojo – was influenced by
her peer group. Heeding their advice, she went into a relationship
with a boy in her . . .
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Mbadugha's Narratives
Raise Concern About
Women's Issues by Anote
Ajeluorou in The
It is not just because she is also a woman. It isn’t also because she is
a medical doctor, an ophthalmologist. It is simply because the
conditions of women Dr. Anuli Mbadugha address in her first
collection of short stories are rampant, entrenched in society and
continue to cause headache to many women. It is also because much
as these issues or practices harm women, positive attitude towards
eradicating them seems elusive and women continue to suffer
conditions not of their own making. . . .
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I Chose Medicine But
Writing Chose Me —
Mbadugha by Prisca
Sam-Duru, Vanguard
The issues of unwanted pregnancy which has seen many countries
across the globe, pass laws permitting abortion, have become of
great concern in Nigeria as most girls drop out of school and become
young mothers.

Other factors such as early widowhood, rape, domestic violence and
girl child marriage, which is prevalent in the northern part of the
country have also contributed negatively to  . . .
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Beyond the Trial
Reviewed by Nandita
Keshavan for
Readers' Favorite
Beyond the Trial by Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha is a book of three
stories which depict the discrimination and injustices which occur
against women in Nigerian families.

The stories are developed in everyday language, and describe the
trials that the women go through, and the difficulties that they
overcome. The first story tells of the consequences of a young girl's
unwanted pregnancy, how she overcame . . .
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