Praise for Principles and Practice of Commercial Arbitration

It covers each step of arbitral procedure, from the conclusion of the arbitration agreement to the enforcement of the arbitral award, from a comparative standpoint, helping
practitioners decide which jurisdiction / institution's rules they wish to be bound by from the beginning, middle and end of an international commercial arbitration; compares the rules
in each of the major arbitration jurisdictions at each stage of the process; pinpoints strengths and weaknesses of arbitration in each jurisdiction; supplies detailed advice on topics
such as the arbitration agreement, how to progress a case, the award and enforcement of the award.


A one-stop arbitration practitioners’ text!

About the Book

Principles & Practice of Commercial Arbitration by Prof. J. N . McCarthy
Mbadugha provides detailed, high level guidance through all aspects of
international commercial arbitration from the practitioners’ perspective.
It provides in-depth coverage of the international commercial arbitration
process, from drafting the arbitration agreement to the tribunal's award, as well
as post-arbitral processes, such as challenge, appeal, and enforcing the award.

Provides detailed guidance on the international commercial arbitration process
from start to finish

— Covers both basic principles and topical, contentious issues emerging in
modern practice

— Offers a truly international focus, approaching the subject from both
common law and civil law perspectives

— Gives full guidance on applicable law

— Advises on arbitration agreements and the constitution of the arbitral

— Goes through procedures, such as choice of place of arbitration, evidence
and the hearing

— Deals with the categories, form and content of the arbitral award

— Looks at the methods and grounds for challenging awards

— Covers practical issues such as how arbitration should be conducted to be
cost effective

— Helps practitioners choose suitable Rules and places of arbitration by
analyzing the different arbitration institutions and legal frameworks

— References all the principal rules of arbitration, – e.g. LCIA Rules, ICC Rules,
Swiss Rules – and national legislation so practitioners can refer to them in

— Features a range of precedents of procedural orders

— Contains useful precedents.
About the Author

Joseph N. McCarthy Mbadugha is an arbitration expert. He is a practising Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He has served
on several arbitration panels and moots as well as served as a Visiting Professor of International Arbitration to the following European
Universities: Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania; Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland & Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech

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