Books reviewed on CambaBooks are sometimes hard or soft copies given or sent to the reviewers by authors and/ or
publishers. Sometimes our reviewers review books they bought on their own and read. Donated review copies are given
away or donated to public libraries after reviewing. EBooks are deleted. We accept print books and eBooks in PDF format.
We do not accept kindle copies.

We aim to honour all review requests that fall into the genres we review, but sometimes this is not possible. We read most
genres including poetry and nonfiction. We do not read fantasy, Science fiction and Erotica. We aim to review most books
within 8 weeks. If you need a book reviewed earlier than that, please discuss that upfront. Please send us a pitch to know
if we will be interested in reading your book. Email:

We will be very honest and candid in our reviews irrespective of whether you provided a review copy or not. Your books
will be graded:

5        -        Amazing. Loved it
4        -        Good
3        -        Fair
2        -        Managed to read it.
1        -        Disliked it

We will respond to every review request even if we are not interested in reading that book. We can write about the book
on our blog, Amazon & Goodreads at our discretion. The author can use the review or a part of it provided the excerpt
captures the general rating of the review.

We love African literature and inspirational/Christian fiction and may give them priority. Traditionally published and
independent or self-published works are acceptable. We review everything we read, whether we liked it or not and
whether we finished it or not.

We post on Amazon at our discretion. If you want to be interviewed as well, please let us know. If you have a scheduled
review date in mind, the book must be received at least four weeks ahead of the review date.

We usually take note of grammatical and punctuation errors, but providing this list is not part of the review and will need
to be discussed upfront at the time of requesting the review.
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