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Let’s look at the manuscript of your novel, memoir, screenplay or short story with a critical eye and provide feedback. We will evaluate the strengths & weaknesses of your plot and story line, check consistency of use of grammar, punctuation, spelling and style. We will provide a detailed critical review of the characters, dialogue, plot and structure.

We will look out for punctuation errors, verb tense, spelling and capitalization errors. Let’s polish your work and make it shine!

Have a book idea but not sure if it will work? Let’s discuss your ideas and help you develop the concept. We will discuss the idea, plot and setting. We will identify the proposed target audience, explore marketability and develop appropriate story lines


Need text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. Or you simply want to increase brand awareness and persuade readers to take action. Engage CambaBooks NOW, for copy-writing that will make people ACT!

Do you have a story to tell but don’t have the time or the confidence to put pen to paper? Let’s discuss the idea. Commission us to be the unseen writers of your book.

Do you have a blog and you just struggle to get content to post in it? CambaBooks can help suggest topics or write around the topics you have to provide free valuable content that improves traffic and converts prospects into customers. Outsource your work to us… Together, let’s soar!

Most times in life, you need to make an impression in the first few minutes you are granted audience. Prepare your pitches in advance so that when the opportunities come, you can only shine! Need help developing pitches for your story? Let’s help you develop 3 to 5 pitches for your book marketing opportunities!

Need a cover letter for your book submission, CV or job applications? Let CambaBooks craft you a cover letter that will get you noticed!

Do you need to query an agent or publisher? Not sure how to avoid having letter forgotten in a slush pile? Let’s draft a convincing query letter that stands out any day!

Don’t let a boring CV keep you from getting that Β dream job interview. A customized CV can get you noticed! Let’s help you get that dream job!

We have a way with words. We can say the same thing you want to say – in a more effective and awe-inspiring way. #polishmyspeech

Don’t submit boring author bios anymore. Let’s help you craft an interesting, creative and relevant author bio that will project your credibility as an author!

Need to submit a summary of your book? Let’s write a catchy, unforgettable synopsis of your book today.

A well-written blurb is crucial for book marketing. Instinctively, most people read the blurb or book description at the back of a book to decide whether to buy or not. CambaBooks can write a convincing professional book description or blurb for your books!!

Reviews are a good way of getting the word out about your work. Let’s read your book, review it and tell the world what we thought about it on several online platforms. Regular & Express services available. Please query before sending books, and read our book review policy. Hard copies are preferred, but soft copies in PDF format are acceptable. If you need an express review in time for a book launch, please send an email to: reviews@cambabooks.com.


We can help you identify the proposed target audience and develop an appropriate book marketing plan.

A media kit is a major marketing tool that makes publicity easier for bloggers, reviewers, journalists and anyone who wants to promote you or your book. CambaBooks can help you create an author or book media kit. Get in touch today.

Need a reader magnet for your mailing list? Or simply want to produce your
manuscript in EBook format? Send us your content and let us produce an attractive EBook for you

Most services are available within 2 to 4 weeks. An estimate of time interval will be given at the onset of the project. Reviews may take up to 8 weeks.