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CambaBooks is pleased to celebrate our debut author's birthday by offering a 50% discount on Chigozie Mbadugha's eBooks Birthday Bundle as preorders.

Five eBooks at a 50% discount:

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Pre-order offer ends on June 14 2022. Books launch on July 1 2022.

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The Books on offer in Chigozie's Birthday Book Bundle are:

Queen Olayemisi Saves Akolagba Kingdom

An African historical fiction drama

Queen Olayemisi endures only scorn and disgrace at the hands of the Oba. She is in chains when the palace is desecrated and set ablaze by the prince of a rival kingdom. 

Will she choose to save the life of the husband who promised her love but gave her pain or is this her chance to make him pay and take up the offer of a new marriage?

I Should Have Been Enough

Award-winning drama

When does a wife say ‘I have had enough?’ When does the sacrifice to keep a home together become too much?

These are the questions Folakemi has to answer in this spellbinding award-winning drama about love, marriage and infertility.

Shortlisted for the 2021 African Human Rights Playwriting Award.

A Doctor's Oath and A Daughter's Pain

Book 1 in the Doctor's Heart Series

Dr Edna is faced with choosing to save the life of her father who abandoned the family and walked out decades ago or walking away like he did.

Will Edna walk away to protect her heart or will she fulfill her oath to save lives as a doctor, even when the life is that of the man who has hurt her the most?

Finding Kitty: A Color Illustrated Book For Children

A colour illustrated children's book, Book 2 in the Kitty Kat Adventure Series

Kitty makes a new friend and forgets the boundaries set to keep her safe.

The excitement of adventure and exploring new places put her in danger. Tabby and Mr Kat search for her desperately.

Will they be successful in Finding Kitty?

Finding My Sweet Sport

A Middle Grade Adventure Story

Atary struggles to achieve success on the sports track but fails.

With the encouragement of her friends she discovers hockey skills and learns that sports is more than the competition and winning.

An exciting but scary paranormal adventure in school adds to the fun of learning new skills.

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