Principles and Practice of Commercial Arbitration

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Principles and Practice of Commercial Arbitration by Prof. Joseph N. Mcarthy Mbadugha (SAN)Setting aside an Award… Is it the end of the process? Does it revive arbitration or litigation? If yes, does the limitation period have any effect on the new process?
These and many more topical issues are unravelled in PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION

PRINCIPLES & PRACTICE OF COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION is the ONE Arbitration Textbook that MUST be on the bookshelf of every lawyer and law firm keen on developing a world-class arbitration practice. It gives an in-depth explanation of knotty arbitration issues in clear, concise English Language and provides seamless guidance that will ensure avoidance of pitfalls in the practice of arbitration. It contains forms and precedents that will guide budding arbitrators in every stage of the arbitral process.

The author Joseph N. McCarthy Mbadugha has had extensive training and practical experience in International Arbitration and is a Visiting Professor of International Arbitration to two world-class universities in Europe. GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!


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