I find it amazing that children are born without the prejudices and bias that define our interactions as adults. The divisions and divides are just not there for them (at least in the early years of childhood). There is a purity about their connections and interactions that is so uplifting. Put ten children less than seven in one room with toys and watch them unobserved. Friendships and interactions are quickly formed. So where do they learn to draw lines in their interactions?

From us: the parents and the caregivers. We start to point out differences between them and other children and telling them to play with some children and not others. I wish the prejudices, discrimination and bias were not there. It would have been nice if our friendships and interactions were defined by lofty things like character and values rather than nationality, race, religious beliefs, skin colour or language.

Ultimately, we are all children of the universe. Happy children’s day everyone!