The Kavanagh House is a very well-written mystery ghost story. The story is about a young girl named Parker who has supernatural powers. She moves from her grandparents’ to her parents’ new house- The Kavanagh house. The Kavanagh house is old and holds many secrets. Parker finds herself in the middle of it all. How she resolves these mysteries is chronicled in this fast-paced spooky mystery ghost story. I was drawn to Parker’s life and her journey from the very first page of the book. I liked her very much as I could relate to her feeling of being different from others.

The sub-themes explored in this book that resonated with me include family upheaval or discordance and the challenges of maintaining one’s identity and trying to fit in with family values and expectations. The story left several chills down my spine, but it was not gory or dark horror. It had all the elements of a ghost story – scary, intriguing and captivating. Susan Dayley displays her master story telling abilities in this book which will no doubt be thoroughly enjoyed by readers that enjoy ghost stories.

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