Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha

"When I am not performing eye surgeries, I write “eye-popping” fiction, listen to music, and spend quality time with my family."

Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha is a multitalented young woman with a natural flair for the arts. She wrote her first unpublished novel at the age of six and has been writing poems, scripts, short stories, and songs since then, which were mainly for leisure. One of her poems, The New Yam Festival, won second prize in a nationwide poetry competition in 1983. She was the recipient of the silver prize at the Kanagawa World Biennial Children's Art Competition in Japan in 1987. By profession, Chigozie is an ophthalmic surgeon and an avid researcher. She draws inspiration from God and from the love of her family. She lives in Nigeria with her family.

Her love for the arts manifested early as she wrote her first unpublished novel at the age of six. A decision to study Medicine and Surgery in the University of Benin led to a lull in her writing as she could barely find time to write poems, stories or plays.She won academic prizes in her undergraduate days and got the dean’s prize for the best graduating student in the faculty of Medicine for that year. She has a Master’s degree with DISTINCTION in Community Eye Health from University College London.

As a postgraduate Ophthalmology resident, she won the prize for being the best candidate in the part one Ophthalmology fellowship examination. She has published several Ophthalmology research articles in peer-reviewed Ophthalmology journals and has presented papers in several national and international Ophthalmology conferences.She has been involved in several volunteer eye outreaches.

With a strong passion for the motivation and empowerment of women, youths & adolescents in Nigeria, she gladly honours speaking engagements that present opportunities to inspire and motivate young people to achieve greatness. She is married to a professor of International Arbitration and struggles to maintain a balance between family commitments,motivational speaking, writing, and her career as an Ophthalmic Surgeon. Of her foray into a field so diverse from her medical profession, she says: “I chose Medicine, but writing chose me. My inspiration and passion for writing are a gift from God.”

Beyond the Trial, her first published work, is a collection of short stories that highlights the INCREDIBLE strength of the African woman living in a largely patriarchal society. It is available on Amazon, Kobo, Laterna Ventures, Terra Kulture & all leading bookstores in Nigeria. Beyond the Trial was recently awarded the Samuel Ajayi Crowther Prize for best Christian Fiction at the Nigerian Christian Literature Awards 2017.

Author's books

Erased Reproach: A Beyond the Trial novella


Funke craved acceptance from her peers. She finally got it. She naively believed all she was told and taught about social life and being a big girl…that was till she got pregnant. Exiled from home and living under the close watch of her grandmother, can Funke summon the courage to complete her education and earn enough to raise her son? Is this the end of the road for her dreams and her life?

Rude Awakening


Rude Awakening is a standalone short story from the award-winning short story collection Beyond the Trial. Beyond the Trial was awarded the Samuel Ajayi Crowther Prize in 2017.

Nkechi’s life takes an unexpected turn when her husband Afam suddenly dies in a road traffic accident without writing a will. Greed motivates his family members to scramble for his property and alienate his immediate family until a mother and daughter bond orchestrates a homecoming for Nkechi.

Shadows from the Past: A Beyond the Trial novella


Shadows from the Past is a standalone short story from the award-winning short story collection Beyond the Trial. Beyond the Trial was awarded the Samuel Ajayi Crowther Prize in 2017.

Shadows from the Past explores the psychological effects of domestic violence and abuse on children as they grow up into adulthood. Will Ada recover from her trauma and help her siblings face the pain of their childhood abuse?

Whose Favourite Am I?


Olu is the middle child in his family. He often feels unloved and left out and is convinced his brother is his daddy’s favourite child. He also believes his sister Funmi is his mother’s favourite child. Olu tries to win his parents’ love and become their favourite child. Olu’s parents tell him they love all their children equally and that there is no need to compete. Olu doesn’t believe them. When his birthday arrives, he compares his birthday celebration events to his brother’s birthday events and realizes, to his surprise, that he is as loved as his siblings.