Beyond The Trial

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Beyond the Trial celebrates the resilience and grit of their female protagonists – Ada, Funke, and Nkechi as they surmount challenges and forge new territories. Their trials are, sadly, familiar to many, their response to them is a call to fortitude and strength of character to face life’s punches because they will come.

Erased Reproach: A Beyond the Trial novella


Funke craved acceptance from her peers. She finally got it. She naively believed all she was told and taught about social life and being a big girl…that was till she got pregnant. Exiled from home and living under the close watch of her grandmother, can Funke summon the courage to complete her education and earn enough to raise her son? Is this the end of the road for her dreams and her life?

Shadows from the Past: A Beyond the Trial novella


Shadows from the Past is a standalone short story from the award-winning short story collection Beyond the Trial. Beyond the Trial was awarded the Samuel Ajayi Crowther Prize in 2017.

Shadows from the Past explores the psychological effects of domestic violence and abuse on children as they grow up into adulthood. Will Ada recover from her trauma and help her siblings face the pain of their childhood abuse?

Whose Favourite Am I?


Olu is the middle child in his family. He often feels unloved and left out and is convinced his brother is his daddy’s favourite child. He also believes his sister Funmi is his mother’s favourite child. Olu tries to win his parents’ love and become their favourite child. Olu’s parents tell him they love all their children equally and that there is no need to compete. Olu doesn’t believe them. When his birthday arrives, he compares his birthday celebration events to his brother’s birthday events and realizes, to his surprise, that he is as loved as his siblings.