2016 is here and I want to thank anyone that has ever stopped over at this blog to read or comment for doing so. It means more to me than you can ever know. 
So today, I am just thankful for life…Truly, sincerely thankful. And that spirit of gratitude has made my life a whole lot fuller and richer…
Dear God, I am thankful for the goals I achieved, for the ones I started working on, for the ones I forgot about (ouch!), for the ones I remembered, but never got round to starting (despite shifting the timelines again and again); I am thankful!

In this new year, I am going to do what Sam Levenson proposed below.

I am going to keep going and I will not watch the clock in a manner that will cause me to lose focus.
I will keep going as fast as I can, in the best way I can. For in so doing, I become better at what I do, till I am the best of me that I can be!!
 Happy New Year guys!!
2016 is here…..Let’s SOAR!!!