St. Valentine’s Day: What’s all the fuss about?

February is viewed as the month of love. The climax for a lot of people is Valentine’s Day. From my purview, everyday should be Valentine’s day! Everyday is an opportunity for us to appreciate the gift of family, friends and loved ones in our lives; to review the relationships and friends we are in. Do […]


I have always been the smiley type…could be a typical Nigerian thing. In the words of the late music legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, he says Nigerians sometimes are suffering and smiling. With all the economic difficulties and bad news flying around today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep smiling and I doubt that we have […]

Believe in Your dreams!

I must admit I have never been the strong confident person I think I should be. I am the reserved, behind the scene kind of person who would rather let others take the credit for what I probably should revel in. I admire and respect people who are strong, bold and confident. Kudos folks! I […]


I am scheduled for a radio interview tomorrow and I am sitting in  my study writing this post. A little voice is nagging me to try and imagine what I could be interviewed about…: the themes I explored in  my book, the motivation behind the writing and between me and you, I am too tired […]