I am scheduled for a radio interview tomorrow and I am sitting in  my study writing this post. A little voice is nagging me to try and imagine what I could be interviewed about…: the themes I explored in  my book, the motivation behind the writing and between me and you, I am too tired for that soul searching. The book launch is 24 hours away and there  are still crucial invites in my handbag! OUCH!!

How did that happen? 
Search me o!!
Hmm..I will leave that bit of  gist for another day!
Do hook up to Inspiration 92.3 FM and listen in at 10 am tomorrow.

If you can, please pop into my book launch on Saturday 12 noon at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, No. 6 Edmund Crescent Yaba and support a sister! I need it.

Will lunch be served at the launch? Why don’t you come and find out?

I go forth in the encouragement in words of this quote and so should you…Let’s soar in 2015!