Hello! Let me greet you the way Nigerians would greet someone they have not seen in a long time:
“Long time no see!”
Yourbas will say: “Eku atijo!”
Igbos will say: “Anya gi!”
And you are supposed to say: “Anya na ibe ya!” in response.
I will leave you to decipher what those words mean…lol!

June was an intriguing month for me. So many ups and downs in my quest to add author to my roles. At some point all my deadlines and timelines had to be re-adjusted. So readjusted were they that I could not even tell when they were to be anymore. I just knew that they were not happening yet!

How did I feel:? Initially a bit frustrated.

Later on, I remembered that my times are in God’s hands. So, I put everything on His plate (which must be massive to cater for the needs of us all!) and just let it go. Slowly but surely, things gradually fell into place.

They fell into place so much that I could only say God I thank you!…I felt loved by God. It was only God that could have worked things out the way He did. I had reached the end of my road. Ever been there? Ever done all you knew you to do and it just wasn’t working? I got there and then I chose to be STILL. I chose to rest and trust HIM. There was really nothing else I could do anymore!

I am humbled and grateful! My books finally arrived! God truly does love me.