I am about to wade into troubled waters and perhaps rustle them up a bit more. There are many people who have chosen not to make new year resolutions anymore because the statistics about the percentage of people who actually achieve their resolutions is almost depressing.
Truth be told, I think deep down we all make these resolutions whether we call them that, or not. I know that most people do a lot of soul searching at the end of each year. I do. I unconsciously find that I assess how I fared in several areas of my life and try to plan how to do better in the coming year.
So tell me, nearly six weeks into 2016, how are the resolutions going? 

I started off the year planning to spend more quality time in prayer. The first two weeks were great! The last two? I feel as if I have been running around like a headless chicken!! Too busy with ‘I don’t know what’ to continue with my quality time. But guess what? I am determined to start over! I will ignore the fact that I wasn’t able to stick to my initial resolve and I will pursue my dream and desires as though I never failed in my attempt.

Oh! By the way, my sister and I have a weight loss challenge! It is six weeks into the challenge and I am a little scared to actually stand on a weighing scale and assess my results so far. Am I going to throw in the towel? Definitely not! I will continue to aspire to fulfill my dreams and challenges, I will not retire, but I will be inspired to stay on fire!

Let’s soar in 2016!