Have you ever gotten into trouble and felt like you walked into a trap? I have. Even more painfully, I have had experiences where I had felt “Something” telling me that this would happen and it did! I don’t know what you call it…intuition, sixth sense, a still small voice, your subconscious? I call it God’s leading.

Last night, I was “led” to safely put away a new set of gate keys. By safely, I mean out of the reach of some little hands that belong to my “Oga” and my “Madam.” I got caught up in following up recent Naija headlines. I did not.

You can imagine my shock and regret when I woke up bright and early at 5am the next day to discover the keys were gone from the last place I sighted them.

Instantly, I started praying.
“God, I am sorry. You had warned me about this. Help me. Please!”

Bearing in mind that we needed to make an early start for school, I ran to rouse the entire household. We had barely an hour and a half to find the keys or else, nobody would be able to leave the compound.

As I passed my children’s “yellow jeep” parked in its spot, a glint of shiny metal caught my eye. Alas! It was the missing set of keys. Apparently they had tried to use it to start their “car”!

I was saved from the embarrassment of having to turn the house upside down and asking groggy toddlers where they had kept my keys.

Ah! I forgot one important detail: Hubby had handed the keys over to me and asked me to share them into “relevant” key holders (as Odoziaku concerned!). Hmm!

There are at least five reasons why it is wiser to obey God’s leading:

  • It leads you away from temptation (not into it).
  • It delivers you from evil.
  • It is based on wisdom.
  • It brings you peace.
  • It can bring increase.

Have you ever faced an embarrassing situation despite some forewarning?

How can we ensure we obey these directions more often and stay out of trouble? Please share your experiences as feedback.

Till next post, please stay in boundaries where God’s love can reach you and richly bless you!

Image courtesy of sage garden care center.