Nigerians and Africans in general do not like to think about death. I don’t either, but sometimes events make me wonder about it. The recent loss of my cousin’s son Miracle Godson in Wigan UK (see previous post) has got me thinking about the issues of life.

 Miracle Godson may have spent only thirteen years on earth but he affected his community immensely. His death reverberated across Wigan, UK. Schools in the community were closed in his honour on the day of his funeral. Flowers, gifts and tributes were endless. People attending the funeral that boarded taxis were given free rides to the house by taxi drivers pained by such a tragic end to a promising life. Rugby teams paid tribute to a talent cut short in its prime. See some tributes and posts in the link below
Mourners at Miracle Godson’s funeral
Miracle, you were indeed a miracle. You had a magnetic personality that could not be ignored. You affected the lives of not just your family members but the entire community in which you lived. It got me wondering about how much I have affected my own community and whether it would stand still for me if I passed on. I am not sure I know for certain. It is truly not about how long we live on planet earth, although we all pray to live out the length of our days; it is about how many people we lead to initiate a closer walk with God, inspire, encourage, mentor and affect positively. Let’s touch a life positively! Let’s sow seeds where moth and rust do not corrupt! Let’s encourage someone to fulfill divine destiny today!