I got a phone call at about 8 a.m on April 11th 2015. It was sad news. I have had so many over the years that I can almost tell you how to suspect that something is amiss. I will leave those details for another post. May you not receive bad news in Jesus’ name. Amen!

The news I got was the worst I had heard in recent times. Our Miracle Godson was gone. He went out with friends but never came home alive. He drowned in a quarry near Appley Bridge in Wigan, UK and left a hiatus no one can fill and a pain that gnaws and throbs in our hearts. He was a promising child, a budding rugby player; he was just thirteen years old. I remember my last interaction with him some years ago when he visited my home. He was hyperactive, full of energy and wore me out within an hour. Click on the link below for details.
 Miracle Godson

My thoughts and prayers are with his immediate family who will have to deal with the pain of not seeing him from day to day as in the past. I had said I would not write about Miracle’s death. What would I say? But pain so deep deserves expression. If not that I have resolved over the years never to ask God ‘why’ this tragic loss deserves a why. I choose to believe in God, in loss or in gain. I choose to trust Him despite the pain. May God heal the pain in the hearts of his parents and the entire Anumba family. Amen.